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Extreme Teaching Curriculum’s Extreme   Teaching   "is   a   learning   system"   that   Dr.   Newell   put together.   The   system   can   be   taught   easily   to   the   novice   as well   as   the   expert   educator.   With   just   the   desire   to   tap   into   a child's   imagination,   teachers   will   provide   a   learning   experience where   students   learn   from   each   other   and   easily   assess   the depth of learning. Dr.   Newell   invites   you   to   review   the   curriculum’s   posted   here   that   she   developed.   All   your teachers   need   to   do   is   learn   a   simple   system   which   will   transfer   to   any   learning   level,   any learning   style,   and   any   curriculum   area.   Dr.   Newell's   expertise   in   learning   will   make   it possible   for   even   your   beginning   teachers   to   act   like   a   curriculum   pro!   We   know   you   will love    this    one-of-a-kind    learning    system.    With    it    you    will    achieve    the    ultimate    goal    of learning at your school site. Schedule   a   training   workshop   with   Dr.   Newell   and   your   teachers   will   learn   high-quality curriculum’s    that    will    engage    all    learners.    Dr.    Newell    takes    great    pride    in    delivering outstanding   service   and   teacher   satisfaction.   She   will   work   closely   with   your   teachers   to create their own custom-made projects unique to their curriculum needs. 
Think Extreme & Win in Life! Thinking extreme can be challenging. So we help turn your students challenges into an adventure, as we make learning fun!
Push the Limits with Extreme Teaching – the Results Will Speak for Themselves!
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