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Welcome to Extreme Teaching Higher level thinking is the key to in-depth learning and also the key To Dr. Newell's system! This unique teaching system was developed To increase critical thinking, creativity, and motivation. Teachers Need methods to increase depth and complexity. Here is the solution! Now, teachers everywhere will ignite learning with Dr. Newell's highly creative teaching System--Extreme Teaching! With continued use of the system, teachers will notice critical and Creative thinking skills rising higher. Dr. Newell invites you to explore the site and evaluate The benefits Extreme Teaching can provide for your school. Go to the extreme, reach for more!
We Help Develop the Minds of Our Future! Now you can give your students a set of tools that will benefit them in every area of school. This curriculum will stir up interest In your students that will last a lifetime.  To see first-hand how Dr. Newell’s unique and exciting curriculum can benefit your students, schedule an on-site workshop today. Schedule A Workshop Schedule A Workshop Purchase Curriculums Purchase Curriculums Contact Dr. Newell Contact Dr. Newell
Think Extreme & Win in Life! Science: Spies, Scientists, and Surprise! Students Become Their Favorite Scientist and Save the Earth… Voyage To Another Planet. Students Return from Outer Space and Save the Universe. Social Studies: Careers Abound-Let us Help You Job Hunt! Students Apply for Positions and Begin New Careers.  Language Arts: Meet Leonardo! L.A. Explorations! Students Become an Art Master and Explore the Art World. History: The Fifth Dimension--Time Travel Students Travel to Europe and Become "Salty Sea Dogs." Are You An Inca, Aztec or Mayan? Travel Back In Time and Explore Ancient Cultures.  
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