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Public Speaking and Workshops Author and curriculum expert, Dr. Newell, now provides workshops that will show your staff how to turn on the light- bulb of excitement and empowerment! Using her twenty-five years of teaching and speaking experience, Dr. Newell has created a teaching system integrating differentiation and imagination. The system is so easy to teach even a novice teacher will soon be teaching like a pro. It is time to schedule a workshop for your teachers that will delight, inspire, and empower. It is time to book training with Dr. Newell. Dr. Newell also gives presentations on the following topics: Motivation-uncover the mystery of the uninterested student.   Parental Guidance-how parents can shape their child's attitude. The real brain power-creativity and challenge. Team building-a way to foster greater cooperation in the classroom. Innovation-start a new conversation. Goal setting and mind mapping-how to reach your dream.
To   schedule   your   on-site   classroom   evaluation   and   workshop   simply   click   on   the Schedule   A   Workshop   button   to   the   left   then   provide   your   contact   information.   As soon   as   Dr.   Newell   receives   your   information   you   will   be   contacted   to   schedule   your first audit, assessment, and workshop.
See The Transformation Einstein’s   definition   of   insanity   is   doing   the   same   thing over   and   over   and   expecting   different   results.   It   has also   been   said   that   the   one   who   hides   the   wrong   they did, does the wrong thing still. Now,   is   the   right   time   to   begin   the   transformation.   We have   the   knowledge,   the   technology,   and   the   desire. Let us begin.
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