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About Extreme Teaching Extreme   Teaching   is   a   unique   concept   that   was   developed   by   Dr. Newell   to   inspire   children   to   learn   in   all   areas   of   their   academic curriculums.    So    whether    it's    social    studies,    science,    math,    or language      arts   our   integrated   learning   projects   will   inspire   and ignite    your    students    passion    for    learning    and    bring    out    their creativity.   This    curriculum    will    help    you    create    a    collaborative environment where students become divergent thinkers. Dr.   Newell   has   prepared   projects   for   purchase   or   she   can   develop   a   tailor-made   project for   your   classroom.   Workshops   are   available   to   demonstrate   how   this   curriculum   can   work for   you   and   allow   your   students   to   reach   the   highest   levels   of   Bloom's   Taxonomy!   Dr. Newell   is   also   available   for   staff   development   workshops.   She   will   work   with   the   staff   at your   school   to   assist   implementation   of   the   differentiated   learning   projects.   Teachers   will learn   to   increase   their   creativity,   embrace   the   fundamental   principles   of   differentiation,   and implement   curriculum   that   ignites   passion   for   learning   to   your   educating   staff   and   faculty members.
Dr. Newell’s Vision Is   to   unleash   creative   thinking   in   the   classroom   by   teaching   educators how   to   create   an   environment   that   challenges   the   students   to   take   risks and   release   creativity.   This   is   made   possible   through   the   workshops   that demonstrate how easy and fun it is to tap into higher levels of thinking.
Education Barbara's   education   classroom   design   is   a   culmination   of   thirty-five   years of   teaching   experience.   Ten   years   teaching   creativity   and   25   years   writing, designing,    and    fine    tuning    curriculum    for    all    levels    of    learning.    Her Master's    Thesis    required    implementation    of    new    curriculum    for    the advanced   learner   requiring   acceleration,   depth,   complexity,   and   novelty.   This   experience   is reflected in all of her projects.
Learning is fascinating! Studies show the key to learning is getting kids to pay attention. No attention--no learning! Anticipation and incubation are the first two steps in the learning process. Dr. Newell's curriculum engages young minds, building anticipation while ideas Multiply!
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